How to Beat the Admission Test Stress

Taking an admission test such as the SAT or ACT can be considered to be a nerve wreck for some high school students who are interested in college. What it really takes to erase this kind of stress is preparation. And if students practice and practice daily until the day of the test, they will satisfy their colleges of interest with good scores. So for those who want to kill the nervousness for an admission test, this is just for you.

* Order a practice test

To get a good look of the real test, plan to take a preparatory test. This can be done either on the Internet that is free of charge or by purchasing a low-cost practice book. Go to for more information about the ordering. Let’s say that you want to take the book version of the practice test. Right after the moment you request for the book, be sure that you start getting prepared in weeks’ advance. This means that once you receive the admission test practice book in the mail, you should have the means to get yourself acquainted with it immediately. After you receive it in the mail, skim through the book and understand the actual content it has. Now, this is obviously the most important part of dealing with those practice books.

* Test yourself

Have a good grip on what to expect. To get started, pick a time of day where you feel you have plenty of time for the studying. Usually, taking practice tests should not take anymore than three hours. Get a pencil or two (the extra is for the replacement of the other pencil if it shall break), some scratch paper, and a timer for timing yourself. After having these materials handy, along with the practice book, find a nice, convenient spot where it is free of distractions. For example, a clean desk with good lighting in a den is a good start.

Then do exactly what you should do for the real test: Read all the directions carefully. If you’re unsure of a question, skip it to avoid wasting time. If you finish a section early before the timer, don’t look ahead. Instead, check with your answers or resume on the ones you weren’t sure of. You can even simply relax for a while until the timer buzzes. After the time is up, free yourself by taking a ten-minute break. Upon returning to your area of studying, go on to the next section and repeat the same process during the test.

Online practice tests are different, but they still cover the same material you would expect of a real SAT test. Keep in mind, however, if you do take the test on the Internet, be aware that you will be actually staring at the computer for a few hours. Get up and stretch during breaks after finishing each section.

* Plan ahead for the testing site

When the day of the test nears, you should have already mastered the elements of the actual test. Do you know where the test area is located? To avoid the anxiety of locating the test site and time wasting, visit the building of the site. Usually, admission tests are held in high school buildings and on college campuses. Know where the room is so you can go straight to it when you arrive on that big day. Also, make sure that you have everything you need when you take the test. Have two pencils, a calculator (if desired), and a good eraser all handy. Make sure you have the admissions ticket that was issued after registering, and other sources of identification, such as your driver’s license. Carry all of the items in a book bag and set them aside the door you normally go out. This is so that when you depart, you won’t miss and forget the valuable items. Plan to dress comfortably, and don’t bring in any food or drink. You may want to have hard candy, though.

* Get enough sleep and breakfast

Now the next thing you need to do is to have your system get ready for during the test time. Get a good night’s sleep; seven to eight hours ought to do it. In the morning, eat a good breakfast, such as a piece of fruit along with a nutritious bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice. Once again, be sure that you dress accordingly. You’ll perform better in a comfortable wear. Arrive early, sit down in your test-taking spot, and take a deep breath.

By doing these helpful tips, there is no need to be jittery for a three-hour test. You will do all right. Just study, plan ahead, and get some rest. After the test is over, take some time to relax!