How to become a College Dorm Resident Advisor

Becoming a Resident Advisor requires the student to maintain an acceptable GPA.  Most colleges accepts applications for RA positions during the sophomore year; or, if the student has maintained an exceptional academic record during his freshman year, then he can expedite the process by pre-enrolling in his major’s course of study for the following year.

Thus, the first step toward the objective of RA is to enroll as a full-time upperclassman or graduate student.  Once you have enrolled as an upperclassman at your college, then you should pay a visit to the Department of Housing and Resident Life on campus to begin the application process.  During your visit, someone would either tell you where you can go and apply for the job or hand you an application to fill out.  Once you have the application in hand you would be ready to sit down and complete the document in its’ entirety.

Your next step would be to make sure that your application is well-documented with all the requisite skills for you to do the job of RA.  You probably noticed when you picked up the application that an RA needs to have excellent time/management skills.  That is because you will need to balance your academic workload with your work schedule if you are fortunate to be hired as an RA.  Excellent time/management skills will also afford you to be able to asist and/or offer advice to your fellow dorm residents.

Thirdly, an RA must live on campus year round.  This is because your demography will be the student population at your college.  Also, as an RA, you must be prepared to advise or mentor the student whenever the need arises.  You will find that forgoing your abilities this way will offer you valuable experience when you graduate from college and ready to take on the world.

Fourthly, an RA must be able to create a positive environment that is conducive to personal growth, academics and respect.  By doing so, you will be establishing the tone for your future work with your fellow residents.  That’s why you should have a 24-hour personal schedule attached to your door on the floor where you would work as an RA.

Lastly, an RA must be able to conduct regular floor meetings for the residents of the dorm.  These meetings normally are political in tone so it’s advisable for you to be able to delegate certain responsibilities to key residents in the dorm.  By doing so, you will not only save face but also you will be well on your way to a rewarding and lucrative career in your chosen field.