How to Choose between two Universities

It can be a great feeling to be accepted by a university, even better if you are accepted by two universities. The only problem is, how you decide which one to pick? Other than flipping a coin, it could be a really tough decision and therefore, require some deep thought and some of the following tips:

* Pros and Cons of Each University

Sit down and do some more research on both schools. Make a list of good and bad things about each one. Be honest with yourself. The point to going to college is have a little fun and learn as much as you can; being listed as a top party school does not count as a good thing.

* Cost

You must consider how much it cost for you attend each university. Cost does not just include tuition; it also includes room and board, food, toiletries, transportation to and from work, as well as books, clothing etc. You must figure out which university will be easier on the pocketbook as well as meet your educational needs.

* Location

This does not simply mean what street or city or even state; it means where is the university campus situated? Are there nearby job opportunities, stores, and what is the climate going to be like there? How far is each university from your parents, friends and other important people. Will you have to take public transportation, and if so, what is available in the vicinity of each school?  

* Campus

Check into each campus, is there a high rate of reported crime? Is it well secured? Check out the dorms and where they are located in relation to where you will be taking classes. Is the campus known for parties, drug use or sporting events? 

*Education. Figure out which university will best suit your educational goals. Find out how long it will take to meet those goals at each school. The reason for this is that sometimes you can get enrolled in excelled classes, which move you along at a faster pace to help you attain your degree sooner than average classes. If they offer these type of courses, will you be able to continue to the next step of your educational goals at that university or will you have to move on to another school to continue?

* Sports/Activities

The last, but still almost as important as the other tips, figure out which school will meet your sporting and/or extracurricular activity requirements. For example if you play basketball, you will want to choose a university that has a team you can join. Another example: if you are a member of the drama club, you will want to check the drama departments of each university. 

It can be very difficult to choose between two universities that seem to offer everything you want and need to further your education. One of the first things to do is a little more research on each university. Make a list of pros and cons, find out what it will cost to go there, and find out which one will best meet your needs for classes and getting your degree.