How to Choose Easy Professors when you Schedule your Classes

When scheduling classes, choosing easy professors is priority number one! The easiest professors are those who place academics over popularity, demand excellence from students, and don’t stoop to gimmicks and games in order to get students “interested”. The easies professors assume that students are motivated to learn the material, and hence they spend all their time teaching it.

No, easy professors might not seem easy while you’re in college! By choosing easy professors, you may well spend several years cursing about assignments and exams, staying up late to finish projects, and pouring over books ad naseum. I myself had terrifically easy professors as a graduate student in mathematics, and my husband could tell you all kinds of tales about how much I complained.

However, in retrospect I thank God for my education. My professors truly made my life easier by teaching me mathematics and some computer science. By understanding calculus and probability, I can make intelligent decisions about options strategies. Because my C++ instructor held high academic standards, I learned to program well and can create my own indicators to help me time my trades.

My professors challenged me to learn at a high level, and hence they paved the way for me to lead a life worth living. “Life is hard” say the corporate slaves, those who work for a living at some awful job. Me, I make more as a trader than my husband does as a Ph.D. chemist. I get to stay home with my dog, my cats, and my houseplants all day. I wrote a book that will be published within the next year, and I did while I watched my options positions make money.

I look forward to each day and the possibilities it holds, never dreading some meeting or worrying about some deadline. I answer to no one. If I make a mistake in a calculation or a judgment error on a trade, then I learn from my mistake and move on; no one hounds me about it. Best of all, I love what I do. Trading stock options is like some massively multiplayer online role-playing game, and it allows me to out-earn my husband, who works full time in corporate hell!

In two to four years, I will have earned enough to free my husband forever from corporate hell, allowing him to join me in leading a life worth living. The knowledge that there is a light at the end of the tunnel has already made work more bearable for him. His life is still hard, but it’s gotten easier since I developed my winning options strategies.

I couldn’t succeed without my education. Without my mathematical insight and programming skills, my life would be hard. In fact, it would not be worth living. I know because I have been in the work force, and I can tell you it’s not a good place to be, at least not for those who hate it. Some people are cut out to work in a certain profession, but they, like me, use their education on a daily basis.

How do you choose easy professors? Ask your friends which professor gives the most A’s with the least work.

Next, find all the classes that person teaches.

Now, get a black Sharpie.

And cross those classes out in your course catalogue. Those professors will not make your life easy.