How to Choose Easy Professors when you Schedule your Classes

Since I have been in college for a number of years I have determined one of the best ways to choose a good professor is to find out how well they communicate. Whether or not they are easy will be determined on how good their communication skills are. With my experience, the better a professor communicates with you the greater the chances are of him/her being easy.

One of the first things to do is to talk to your advisor at the college. The advisor is usually not allowed to suggest a certain professor, however, you can ask if a particular professor has a high drop rate. This will tell you right away whether other students were successful with this particular professor.

The next suggested step is to go to the division office of the particular class you are wanting to take. Ask them how you could contact the professors that teach that particular class either through email or phone. Typically, division offices will only give out email addresses. Send an email to an instructor and see how quickly and detailed the response is. If there is no response then move on to another professor since chances are the one you tried to contact is not a good communicator and will not be easy. There are reasons why good communication skills will lead to an easy professor. If the instructor is willing to return an email of a potential student then they obviously care about teaching the student. Also, the communication within the classroom will be very good as well and inevitably will make the learning process much easier.

Another way to see if the professor will be easy is to meet with them face to face. Discuss their syllabus and what they expect from their students. Communicating with the professor in person is probably most helpful. You will be able to tell if the instructor really wants you in their class or if they don’t. It’s always important to build a good student professor relationship. This will ensure your success (as long as you do the work of course).

There are a few other things you can do in order to find out if a professor is easy or not. Typically, talking to other students will give you a better idea. Make sure you ask a student that isn’t in high ranking classes that are typically extra hard. For them most average classes will have easy professors. Finally, check out the website to see if the instructor is listed and if he/she is then see what the rating is. Following these steps should definitely give you better chances in getting an easy professor.