How to Choose Sat Prep Books

The SATs are vital for getting into the college of your choice, as well as securing scholarship opportunities.  You want to do the best that you can do on this all-important test.  An SAT prep book can be extremely helpful in helping you maximize your score.  There are many different books out there, however.  Although some books might be better than others there is no one book that is right for everyone because different people learn from different styles.  The following are some tips on how to choose SAT prep books.

Look at the reviews

If you go to a website such as, you might be able to find reviews of the different books.  People will rate how they liked the book and how useful they found it.  This can be extremely helpful.  You will find people who used the book to study and then took the exam and find out how much it helped them.  You are likely to find varying views, but some books might definitely be rated higher than others.  Obviously, you will want to more strongly consider the books that were highly rated.  In addition to looking at the rating, you might want to read through the actual reviews.

Look at the content of the book and how it is laid out

Different SAT books will be laid out differently.  Some may have more discussion about subjects.  Others might include more practice tests.  You will want to look for something that works with your style of learning.  For instance, if you know a lot of the information but really need to practice taking the test, then you might want to consider one that has a lot of practice tests.  If you need more elaboration on the different things to study, then you might search for that. 

Look at how comprehensive they are

Some books will be longer and more comprehensive than others.  Obviously, all things being equal the one that has more information might be better.  However, if you think that might be too overwhelming for you, then you might want the smaller one.

Look at the price

Although a good SAT score can be worth far more than the book, some of them cost more but are really no better.  If one is more expensive, look at what you are getting for the actual price.  You may be able to get the same amount of help in one that is less expensive.