How to Choose the best Degree Program for you

When people decide to go for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or their Ph. D, the same question weighs heavily on their minds no matter what their age is: what degree would best benefit them? What degree would help them be richer, smarter, more helpful to society? What would the ladies be interested in- or even the men?

For some reason, well-meaning teachers and family drill into our minds that every decision we make- including what degree we should get- will either make or break our lives entirely, with no take-backs. Well, part of that is true; if you go for a degree just because “everyone else is doing it” or because you “think it will make you richer”, then you will likely wind up “breaking”.

What a person needs to do is find out what they have enjoyed doing up until this point in their lives. If the student-to-be has enjoyed being in plays all his or her life, for example, then perhaps a degree in Drama would suffice. If they preferred writing stories or tutoring other students, then maybe a Teaching degree- or one in English- would help them get to where they want to be. What if they like sitting around playing video games all day? Then maybe they should enroll in a college that offers Game Design as a degree to study.

Keep in mind that just because you get a Drama degree doesn’t mean you can’t go into business. You can teach acting, give private lessons in voice or music, or work at a theatre as administration- or as a actor yourself. What about that video game design degree? Visual aid is used in more than just video gaming- try going into advertising, or helping make special effects in movies.

The point here is to stick to what degree will make you happiest. And if it happens to make you rich, then that’s wonderful. But don’t let money or the possibility of impressing your friends get in the way of your decision; everyone will be much more impressed if you make it through getting a degree that you actually enjoyed working for!