How to Choose the right Associates Degree Program for you

Take caution in choosing the right Associate’s degree program. I recently graduated with an Associate’s Degree of Business. However, I don’t feel I really got the goods, (at least in my case) I thought I was getting. I write this article to help others, decide which degree is right for them, and in this I will include tips to avoid making the mistakes I made.
First, you have to hear my story. I spent many years, going to school part time to get my degree, and raising my children. I thought the Business Degree was so cool, because it was so versital, as every company does Business. In a way, that is a true thing, HOWEVER!

My tips to avoid, so you can make sure the degree is right for you? I will discuss that in a moment, but first let me say what I didn’t do. The things no one told me I needed to do or how important it was, or would be later?

I didn’t do any internships. Internships are working at your school for free or in a job program, for free with area in what you are majoring in. I struggled with math, and so I just didn’t believe I had time to do those things, but then again, my school or no one else told me how important it would be for my future. I just thought that when companies heard the majic word Degree, after college you would just get this dream job and be on your way! My dream was working in the office, for someone, but I have limited driving ability as well, so I couldn’t go anywhere and too, I live in a rural area, far from some metropolitan areas. So I wanted an entry level office job close to home, and I decided the school I graduated from would hire me right away, and it was my dream to work there! Well before college I heard companies tell me, “You don’t have a degree, go back to college!” Then, when I applied to the very place that taught me, for a clerical job, they wouldn’t hire me, or even schedule me an interview. I assume that was because I have no office experience to put on my resume.’

I knew then that if I had went out to be a teacher, or some specialized thing, and completed that, my chances might have been better of getting work right now! You can’t be a teacher if you are not degreed to do it, or hold a teaching certificate, so I knew then my field now will be difficult, due to all kinds of book work but no on the job experience. So to date, I graduated on January 2, of this year, and I am still sitting at home. I have applied for several positions and have only had one call, and couldn’t even get a job in a job service office!

So, in closing I wish I had researched Degree Programs further, before choosing my major, and thinking of how things might be after college.

So what not to do.

1. Don’t turn down, or avoid doing internships in your major. These go on your job resume’ as past experience.

2. Explore your degree choices further, and make sure you can get to many companies, if it is Business or Accounting, etc. and if you aren’t sure, try to major in something completely specialized.

3. Don’t fall into believeing everything you hear from the college staff or deans.
I was told by several of them, while I was enrolled, that if I made good grades
and graduated, they would estimate a 90 or more percent chance of me working
there. Once I got out and contacted them, even though I applied for clerical
jobs there I qualified for, they told me there were other places to work. After
they were though getting my money, lots of things sure changed! My heart was
broke, and today I am still looking for a job!