How to Cope in a Large Lecture Class

The truth is that surviving a lecture class even as small as 20-40 students could be challenging if students don’t know how to. A large lecture class would even make matters worse. Sitting calmly for an hour lecture or so, tuning your ears to get maximum attention, opening your brain up for proper understanding and accessing your grasp ability even during the lecture is expected from a student who really wants to survive a class lecture and by so doing pass the course- though a lot more other things are required. A large lecture class is almost impossible to survive in especially due to frustration. Here are just a few tips to help you survive and come out with the optimum results ever:

 Get to the lecture room early enough.

Getting to the lecture room as early as you can will give you the advantage of sitting in front. Serious students are mostly found in front places you know. Lecturers tend to spot you and mark you as the serious type, maximum attention is gained because you will be sitting with like minds in front and your understanding ability thereby is sharpened. Getting to the lecture room early enough will also avoid panic, you would have also settled down well enough and your brain will be prepared to assimilate what the lecturer is going to teach.

Avoid distractions.

You know as a student, you are bound to know each other’s educational problems, you are bound to predict the nature of other students of your age and as a result you are bound to know people of like minds. Sitting close to people of like minds will help you avoid distractions. To survive a large lecture class, you wouldn’t want to sit close to somebody who will always ask of your cell phone, somebody who will always want to know what happened in the hostel the preceding night or somebody who is always eager to ask you other questions of no need while the lecture is going on. You can always predict where such people as these sit. So, take three steps forward.

Prepare before attending the lecture.

You should not prepare to get exposed to the topic content just during a large class lecture and expect to survive that class. The best advice is that you read up the content of the topic, get to know the areas that may pose a problem so that the lecturer may during his lecture explain them. Know that in a large lecture class, there might be so much rowdiness that asking questions may become Herculean. So be smart and wise.

Studentship needs skills. So the sharper you are the better your surviving a large lecture class in college will be.