How to Cope with Depression at University

Depression can be awful in the best of circumstances, but when you are away from home it can seem extra hard to cope with. Your friends, relatives and even the usual social activities you take part in back home won’t be available to you. This means you probably won’t have a support network close by, and may not have a means of keeping actively distracted.

There are several reasons why you may experience depression while at university. You may be homesick, or feel pressure to gain good grades and achieve success. You may also be suffering from depression because of an unknown cause which needs to be investigated by a doctor.

There are several ways you can deal with depression. One is to talk to a student counsellor who will understand if your depression stems from anxiety due to pressure to succeed, or being lonely and homesick. If your depression is severe, you may also want to visit your doctor and explain how you feel.

Depression which is horrible, but not so bad that it makes you feel suicidal, can be lessened if you gain a support network at university. A support network can consist of friends you socialize with regularly, activities you take part in, and services you use to lessen stress and help you feel better.

Finding friends at university is easiest for outgoing students who are confident enough to introduce themselves to others. If this doesn’t sound like you there are other ways you can meet new potential friends to add to your network. Joining the student union, and checking out whether there are any university based clubs you would like to also join can help you to gain contact with like minded individuals.

Taking up new activities can also help relieve depression. Sport based activities, such as running, cycling, swimming or aerobics can get feel good hormones pumping, as-well as bringing new social contacts into your life. Other activities can be sought outside of the university, if you’ve already looked at those within. There may be a local film club, or meditation class for example which you could join.

Relaxing activities and services can provide you with a means of dealing with depression. A local health or new age centre is likely to offer tai chi classes, a floatation tank, massage and a variety of other methods of obtaining relief from depression, and managing feelings.

Dealing with depression while at university requires you to take action, although being active may be the last thing you feel up to doing. However, push yourself a little each day to build a support network around you, and learn how to deal with your emotions and create happier ones, and you will soon feel much better. If you don’t, a visit to the doctor, if you haven’t done so already would be wise, as he or she will be able to help you.