How to Deal with Homesickness as a College Freshman

The best remedy to prevent missing your family is to keep yourself busy.  The first couple of weeks will be relatively easy since you’re still mapping out the area and your classes are fresh, you might be looking for work and meeting new people at all the social events aimed at integrating you into the collegiate lifestyle.

Take the time to expand your interests and join some new organizations.  Not only will it enhance your life, but you’ll make new friends as well and keep yourself busy.

After a month or two, when the newness of everything has worn off and you have a decent grasp on a routine of classes, work and studying, you may feel twinges of loneliness whether it’s for how things used to be or who you used to hang around.

It’s important to remember that with all major changes, comes a certain amount of apprehension and uncertainty.  It will take some time to get your footing.  Once you become more familiar with your new lifestyle you’ll learn how to balance who you were with who you’re becoming.  

The bubble you created back home included your friends and family, neighbors and regular contacts made throughout your days.  It took a long time to make this comfortable world of yours fit into your wants and needs.  Incorporating all the new facets of your college life will take the same amount of skill to hone into what makes you happy and fulfilled.  

Make sure you give this new world a fair chance of giving you what you dream it can.

Savor the responsibilities and exhilarating freedoms that come with being an adult on your own.  The amount of pride you’ll feel will be twice as rewarding because you persevered and had a positive attitude, which will give you good memories as time goes on.

You’ve worked very hard to get to this point in your life and you owe all of your efforts to staying put and seeing this endeavor through to completion.

If you need to, make a list of all you aspire to be and how college will help you attain this goal.  When you’re feeling low, it might help to take out this list and hopefully you can use it as a boost to keep going. 

Keeping in contact with your loved ones is a little easier if you can call home, so try to budget in a cell phone.  

If you haven’t already, include family members in your Face Book list.  Snap pictures if you have a digital camera and post them on your account and ask the folks to learn how to do the same, so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything and they still get to be a part of your life, even if it’s from a ways off. 

Make use of the Skype abilities if your lap top has built in video capabilities.  It helps immensely with feeling like you’re still a part of the nest back home.  Even snail mail from both ends goes a long ways in making a decent day stand out.

Don’t forget that even if you’re doing okay, your family is feeling a loss too and anything you do to help them get through this stage will only benefit everyone.