How to Deal with Homesickness as a College Freshman

Home sickness is a prominent feeling that many college goers will come into at some point within their studies. The fact of the matter is, home sickness will always be present in some way, shape or form. The wanting to go home to a place that is familiar or a place that is dear to your memories never disappears even when you grow up, get married, have kids and have a completely new place to call home.

For college freshmen, homesickness can be an all but too prominent emotion. It will catch you off-guard when you least expect it and it will make you want to leave college. It will hinder your studies, it will hinder your personal relationships and in general, it will ruin your once-in-a-lifetime experience as a college freshman. Homesickness is especially prominent in college freshmen simply because freshmen, as the youngest college goers, have sparingly been away from home for elongated periods of time. For some, it may be the first time away from home ever.

However; you do not have to succumb to homesickness by any means at all. Homesickness is actually very easy to overcome. It simply involves occupying your mind with other things and focusing on the bigger picture which in this case is a bright, happy and successful future. Here is a guide that will showcase some useful tips that college freshmen can use to their advantage to battle and overcome homesickness.

Maintain contact with home with proper use of technology

These days, it is very easy to keep in contact with people at home. Gone are the days when only the quill and parchment and the sole relying on the busy mailman were the only ways to keep in touch with your family and friends on the home front. Be sure to have access to the Internet or a smartphone to give you access to modern day communication features such as texting, cell phone calls and even social networking such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. With these things, you can keep in contact with the ones you love every second of the day if you so desire which is a sure-fire way to combat and overcome homesickness of any caliber.

Bring things that remind you of home

Creature comforts are the things that people need in order to feel comfortable. They are essential to defeating homesickness for any college freshman. Creature comforts vary from person to person, but the basics of the idea is that they are things that you bring from home that you hold dear that subsequently remind you of home. These can be anything from photographs or scrapbooks of tour loved ones, a book of notes and good luck messages from family or friends or even things such as posters, video games, favorite movies or CD’s. Creature comforts vary from person to person. Bring yours with you to help you overcome homesickness and ensure that your college dorm is littered with them!

Socialize and make friends

One of the most exciting things about being a college freshman is that you will always meet new people no matter what course you are taking. You will meet other freshmen that are also feeling homesickness. Finding mutual homesickness ground with these people and sharing your pain is a sure-fire way to overcome it. Just spend time making friends and socializing and doing whatever it takes to overcome homesickness. You will find that the more you socialize and the more friends you make, the more you will love college and the less homesickness you will feel. Socializing and making friends can be the key to overcoming homesickness completely.

Homesickness does not have to ruin your time as a college freshman. Keep in mind that you are only a freshman once and the time that you spend as a freshman should be made into memories that you can cherish and treasure for the rest of your lives. Do not create memories full of pain and anguish due to homesickness, instead, do what you can to overcome homesickness before it ruins your time as a college freshman. Use the aforementioned tips in the guide above to help you overcome homesickness to optimize and maximize your experience as a college freshman. Keep in contact with people at home using modern technology such as smartphones and social networking, bring creature comforts from home and litter your college room in them to give it that homely touch and never overlook the benefits of sharing your pain with others because socializing can be the key to defeating homesickness completely.