How to Deal with the Issue of Cheating in College

College is an exciting milestone, as students embark on the journey of a lifetime.  All of a sudden, the chains of parental oppression have been cast off as students experience new found freedom.  Students “find themselves” as they explore different majors, different lifestyles, and in some cases, different relationships.  

Balancing work and play can become difficult.  Taking the easy way out can become a tempting option.  Some students opt to cheat, but do so at their own risk, and face potentially devastating consequences.

The Consequences of Cheating: Academic

In college, getting caught cheating can produce unfortunate results.  As a teaching assistant myself, I was amazed by the number of students who attempted to cheat.  

Many students cheat because they think they can get away with it.  And while some students succeed, for those students get caught, they may be kicked out of their classes, or even expelled from the university.  

Many professors have very effective and simple methods to check for cheating.  Typing in a few words from a paper into a Google search can yield very enlightening results.

The Consequences of Cheating: Moral

Unfortunately, for some students cheating has become a way of life.  They cheated their way through high school, and expect to get away with it in college as well.  But worse than the academic consequences of cheating is the way that cheating effectively erodes moral character.  

Cheating on papers creates laziness, and hard work is a very important quality to be successful in life.  Skating by is no way to achieve success in any field.  

Steve Jobs did not develop the Ipod by taking the easy way out.  Putting in hard work and completing tasks (even if they are undesirable) teachers students a real world life lesson.  In life, sometimes you have to do things you do not want to.  It is better to complete the task at hand rather than try to shirk responsibility.

The Consequences of Cheating: Social

Individuals who cheat on tests may cheat in other facets of their lives as well.  After-all, if you can get away with cheating on a paper, what’s to say you won’t cheat in a relationship, or on an important medical examination to become a doctor?   Would you want to undergo surgery with a doctor who never bothered to learn organic chemistry.

When it comes to cheating, there is a simple rule that is easy to remember: Just don’t do It.