How to Decide if you should Live in a Fraternity or Sorority House

Deciding if you should live in a fraternity or sorority house is something that can make or break your college career. The main consideration, however, should come down to the effectiveness of your time management skills. College is all about balance, and it is important to be honest about how well you can balance your social life with your academic life, as your social life will likely increase after moving into Greek housing.

Although most of the distractions are going to be similar to those experienced while living in dorms, they are going to be more concentrated and concern people who you have a stronger relationship with than those who lived on your floor. You need to consider how easily distracted you are and if you can find a place to retreat to when you want to escape those distractions. Find out if the house has that, or if you need to find some other place. Will the distractions be too overwhelming?

You also need to contemplate how it will affect your relationship with your brothers or sisters, as well as non-Greek friends. Living with people is very different than casual friendships. Not only do you need to think about who you would room with, but also who else is going to be around in the house. Every house is different and you need to consider how well you get along with everyone and if you could feasibly live with all your housemates. You should also question how it will affect your relationship with people who are not Greek, or who belong to other houses. If you live in your fraternity or sorority house, will you be able to make time to spend time with people outside of that house? Remember, college is about balance and it is important to have all different kinds of friends.

Other considerations should include the cost of living in the house, the quality of life, and the location. Is it more expensive than living in the dorms or finding other suitable off-campus housing? Are meals included in your dues payment? What is the bathroom situation? How many other people will your share a room with? What is the total number of people living in the house? How far away is the house from campus or from your job?

Each house is different, so not all of these questions and considerations are pertinent to each situation. The main consideration, though, should be if you are going to be happy and if you are going to be able to maintain your academic standing while engaging in a more enriching social life.