How to Find the Balance between Study and Socializing

The study option is always given more weight and priority. Henceforth, it can give no real balance with socializing. For a focused and a serious student, it gets more time and attention. As observed and experienced by many successful men and women, it provides more opportunities to achieve dreams than wasting precious moments, money and efforts with irrelevant socializing. If disciplined studying is surpassed by socializing, the consequence is personal downfall or failure. 

But we cannot avoid socializing. We need to have diversions in order to maintain sanity and to build a total personality. We have learned it as the saying goes: “All work and no play can make a dull boy or girl. ” However, we have to prioritize things. We need to filter the type of socializing we want. We’ve got to be wise in choosing fun and merrymaking. And as concerned young learners, we don’t want to damage our brains by going to too many parties and activities that involve drugs and alcoholism in the end.

We have also to consider time, efforts and money involved, especially during these difficult times. We need to preserve much energy and vitality to meet the demands of classroom activities as well as other school endeavours. We have to save money to pay for our school-related expenses like food, transportation and tuition fees, including school materials and payment for dormitory needs. We have to limit frequency of socializing, especially late nights out. We may do some socializing if there are no exams, no important assignments and no classes the following day. With socializing, we need to have self control and good timing.

Moreover, in fairness to ourselves, we still need to have a separate and reserved date for going out. We can have it if we have developed a good study habit. We set timetables by inquiring from school authorities about future examinations, important assignments and researches. We also consider allotment of attention on major or minor subjects. We have to reckon subject difficulty and the corresponding number of units. We also need special care to areas which we need to improve or excel. We have to consider the style and personality of our instructors whom we have difficulty in dealing with. And more attention is needed if we represent the school for outside contests, games and public service. And we are constantly reminded that there are always lesser and greater preferences. But the bottom line is that we have to pass in all our subjects.

We have to be honest with our parents, relatives and friends about our tight schedules. By doing so, we can get their understanding and cooperation, if we really show that we mean business. We must be firm and consistent not to be lured by detours and peer pressures. With open line of communications, we can expect good things to happen like having passing grades all the time. In this way, we can be role models to our friends who are fond of socializing.