How to Focus on your Exam Preparation and Relax for the Sleep

Let’s face it: You are probably not going to sleep much the night before an exam. There are some tips to pass the time in the best way, and hopefully find the inner peace you need to rest.

First of all, if you are feeling really nervous, try to think about this: Why are you feeling this way? Is there something you can do about it? Is this sense of guilt about not studying or being ready enough really necessary? Most of the time the mind flies in dark scenarios that are far away from reality. Most of the time, again, the solution is to answer to every doubt with a, “Tomorrow I will do the best I know I am capable of and nothing else. I don’t need to worry now.” The reality is that simple.

So, slow down and create a routine that can help you sleep before an exam: study, eat healthy, relax.

If you are a good student and ready for the exam, you have already summed up the summary of all the materials; they are so great your eyes are tired from reading them. If there are a few hours left before bedtime. Invest some time in writing down a simple keyword-cloud for every chapter topic from your golden notes. Give yourself a time; for example, invest 10 minutes each chapter/summary and use a different colour for every cloud. It will be quick and the splash of colour will cheer you up immediately.

The keywords, moreover, will help your brain to remember the content of the chapter, and to develop a speech about it. It’s just stressing if you only keep looking at books and summaries. Let your precious brain breathe and think.

After this last effort, leave the study and pamper yourself. Have a meal you really enjoy, but try to avoid too much fat and fizzy drinks, otherwise your digestion won’t let you sleep in comfort. Another useful step is to decide what to wear the next day: Always use moderation, but don’t decide for the geeky look or go for a too casual one. Pick something that is comfortable, not too revealing and transparent. Avoid artificial fabric, tight clothes and colours that are too bright. Remember: cotton and light colours are your best friends to produce a clean and fresh image.

Also prepare shoes and a bag with everything you want to have at the exam. It’s great to have everything ready, so in case of last-minute drama you don’t have to trust your agitated mind (the famous where-are-the-keys scenario, for instance).

Now, have a relaxing bath, or watch something funny on TV or youtube – you deserve it. Have a genuine laugh, and go to bed with a smile. Another suggestion is to jot down a funny memory about someone you love and leave it on a Post-it on the bedside table.

Set two alarm clocks and ask a roomie or relatives to knock at your door if he/she doesn’t see you up at a certain hour. Don’t worry excessively about the alarm clocks. From the moment you set them, they are going to work just fine; no change of time, asteroid or magic jet lag will happen. Leave the movie outside your door.

If you can’t sleep, read the Post-it, take your mp3 and listen to music while keeping your eyes closed. This will put you back in the mood for sleep.

Last advice: Keep in mind that you are ready to give your best and you are good the way you are; no more worries.