How to get along with Roommates of a different Culture

Getting along with someone from another culture requires a lot of effort but can be quite interesting if the relationship is approached with a positive mindset. It becomes imperative to put all efforts in place to have a smooth relationship when you have a roommate from another culture. Culture includes beliefs, rules of behavior, language, art, technology, styles of dress, how food is prepared, served and eaten, religion, and political and economic systems. Your approach to your roommates in the college has great impact on how you will both succeed and enjoy your college days.

Get some facts about that culture

Information is very cheap to come by these days as Internet offers the opportunity to know everything about anything. Use search engines to explore information about that culture. Wikipedia will definitely give insights into almost all the cultures in the world.

Anyone in his right state of mind will not want to offend his roommate but crossing of each others’ path is inevitable if values, norms and ethics are different. When you learn about your roommate’s culture and discuss with him about it, he feels you are really interested in his culture and want to identify with him.

Be positive

Have an optimistic frame of mind towards your roommate. If you expect him to be troublesome and uncooperative, you may likely have your expectation met. Approach him with tenderness and you will get an encouraging response.

Show understanding

If you have complained about certain habits and there is no change, try and get information why he exhibit such behaviour. What is irritating you may actually be a delight to him. Remember the saying that ‘one man’s delicacy is another man’s poison’.  An amiable discussion can actually help sort things out.

Show benevolence

Freely share your stuff with your roommate. It does not matter if he shares with you, try and be the pacesetter in kindness.

Be patient

Your impatient disposition towards the change you desire in your roommate can actually set him on the edge. Exercise endurance and give ample time for a change of habit. Habits are learned over time and will also take a while before they are unlearned.

Always put yourself in your roommate’s shoes, there may also be some things you do that make him uncomfortable.  Do your best to be considerate.