How to get better Grades as

In school, the grades that you get on your classes should be important to you and your parents, because the grades that you get early on in school will end up effecting many things in your life. Those that get higher grades in high school and middle school are more likely to get scholarships and go to college. Those who go to college are more likely to be healthier, happier, and richer than the people that do not go. Needless to say, whether you are thinking about the short term or the long term, grades are important. Whether it’s for you, your parents, or your life, here are some great tips on boosting grades:

*Do the work

The most important thing to do in school if you want to boost your grades is to do the work that you are assigned. Even if the teacher does not check the homework he gives, it is important to do it because you are cementing the concepts into your brain. Doing homework can also sometimes add more positive grades to your grade book.

*Study every day

If you want to boost your grades significantly, you must study every day. This does not meant that you have to study before tests (although you do), but that you must study for classes even when you do not have tests or homework coming up. Sometimes, it will not take a whole lot of time, simply reviewing your notes for the day. The important thing is to not let any concepts you have learned slip from your brain. Every day after school, go through your harder classes and think about what you learned that day, if you understand it, and do a few practice problems. This will help you retain your knowledge from classes with a minimal amount of work.

*Sit in the front row

Statistically, the students who sit in the front row of their class get higher grades. It’s a fact. Sitting in the front row is good for many reasons. First, you are right in front of the teacher and the board and since they are right in front of you, they are capturing your attention. Also, you have limited distractions from your classmates so you will be more focused on the subject at hand. Finally, you will be closer to the teacher who will probably see you if you start texting, a very distracting thing to do.

*Relate things to everyday life

The last thing to do is to try and relate things to everyday life. The more the ideas you learn in school pop up in your everyday thoughts, the easier it is to remember these things. Try telling your parents or friends about some things and make them seem funny and exciting. It may sound weird, but once you do it, you will understand how much it helps.

In the end, getting good grades is all up to you. It doesn’t matter if the teacher doesn’t like you, if your life is hard right now, or if you are spending all your time on sports. If you make time in your schedule to study and do work, your grades will improve.