How to help your Child Make a Career Choice

There are many high school seniors and college freshmen who are still uncertain of their career goals. Their parents have been their safe keeper and protector, and they haven’t had to make any real adult decisions yet, thus, it is natural for them to feel intimidated when it comes to choosing a career.

Learn more about what your child’s interest is, and encourage their career choices, even the ones that you may not understand. High school kids and even freshmen college students, often think that the major they choose, will be the career they are stuck with. Help them to understand that this is not the case.

There is a difference between encouraging them and pressuring them. If they feel pressured, it may have the exact opposite effect. There are many different Career Centers and summer internships available that your child can become a part of. It all comes down to what they see in their future.

Given the constant advancement and educational status of today’s society, a high school diploma will not carry them very far. Open the lines of communication up with your child, teach them the importance of a college degree, and even show them that taking that first step to securing their future can lead to a more prosperous life.

Fearing commitment is natural for a young adult venturing out into the world by themselves. Suddenly, their world is changing all around them, they have new responsibilities that they never had before and it can be an intimidating time for them. That is why communication, involvement and encouragement is so vital at this point in their lives.

Keep an open mind, while helping them narrow down their options, and remember, although they are still your baby, this is their decision. Many parents already have their children’s future planned out for them and that can also lead to them putting the decision off as well. Allow your child the opportunity to lead their own lives and stand behind the career choices they make. Every parent wants what is best for their child, and allowing them to pursue their own dreams, will ultimately be the best thing for them.

If your child enrolls in a course only to please you, then more than likely they will just end up dropping out, and they may even resent you for standing in the way of their own goals in life. Your child’s future is now, allow them the chance to make the most of it, while guiding them through all the options available.