How to keep Focused when Studying

Avoiding distractions when studying at home is crucial. The key element of studying is the ability to retain your focus for a prolonged period of time, engaging just the important part of the brain that emphasizes memory. Many people make simple mistakes when studying, and fall prey to the steady stream of distractions that cascades quickly.

The biggest key to avoiding distractions when studying at home is to find the best possible place to study in your home. Once you have found the ideal place to study in terms of having access to all things you need, proper lighting and calmness, you need to make sure that all distractions are accounted for and placed under wraps.

The best way to avoid distractions is to anticipate the majority of them beforehand, and then eliminate them one by one. The biggest distractions are people, in many different manners. When you have to study at home, make sure to find a location that will be free of heavy traffic, as other people (friends or family members) are more than willing to break your concentration, either willingly or innocently enough. Find the best spot possible for studying, and do your best to ensure that no people will be physically intruding this space while you are studying. Next, make it nearly impossible to reach you in any capacity.

Turning off your cell phone, iPod, email, and Facebook account are some of the best possible methods for avoiding distractions while you study at home. Having a cell phone on leaves you vulnerable to the sneak attack of a quick call or being bombarded with an endless cavalcade of text messages. These are detrimental to your studying, and should be ruled out immediately. Turn off your phone, and leave it in another area of the house where you will not be tempted to check it.

Listening to music does not help you study, unless it is a subtle piece of classical music softly playing in the background. Having an iPod headphone dangling in your ear or around your collar is a huge distraction, no matter what you might think. Songs have beats and lyrics that both lead you to instant distraction, and your studying will be a complete failure.

If you have the computer on, it should only be on because you may need to do some research or type out some materials. It should not be on for any other reason, because the temptation to check your email and Facebook account will steer you off course, and your academic journey does not need to be compromised for these trivial matters.

While fresh air and sunshine are excellent for the mind, body, and soul, they also pose a distraction. You should draw the blinds shut, so that you are not lured into gazing off at a sunset, or listening to the chirping of the birds. These are the sorts of distractions that you do not anticipate, but can be just as bad for your studying as your electronic devices.

The best way to avoid distractions when studying at home is to lock yourself into seclusion, and committing all of your focused attention on the material to be studied. Set yourself up with regular intervals of break and study, and manage your time efficiently so that a break or two can be taken without sacrificing your studies.