How to keep your Graduate College Scholarship

A graduate college scholarship can provide the opportunity to study in a program that you may have otherwise not afforded.  Unlike undergraduate scholarships, there are usually fewer opportunities for graduate ones, thus these can be very competitive and have requirements that need to be fulfilled in order for you to keep them. 

Know the requirements

You cannot meet the requirements of your graduate college scholarship if you do not know what they are.  Oftentimes they are tied into your grades.  You might need to keep a certain grade point average, not fail classes, etc.  With a lot of graduate college scholarships you may need to perform some sort of work.  For instance, you may need to be a graduate assistant and help teachers grade papers or help with their classes. Of course, many of them contain clauses about behavior such as not cheating in class and not getting in trouble with the law. Go over these requirements until you are sure that you know them or print them out to post up or keep in a safe place where you can refer to them.

Fulfill the requirements

Some of the requirements to keep your graduate college scholarships will be easier than others.  If you can lose it due to poor behavior at school then do not give in to temptations such as bringing a cheat sheet to class.  Once you are in graduate school you are usually a little older and will hopefully be able to control your behavior.  Also do not take advantage of your position to do anything against the rules.  If you are helping with a class, for instance, do not help out your friend in the class by giving him hints to the test because that may get you off of the scholarship and out of the school.  Also make sure to keep up with your grades.  Graduate classes are often very difficult and may take a lot of work.  You want to be sure to dedicate plenty of time to them.    

You will also need to keep track of how you are fulfilling your requirements.  For instance, if you need to take certain classes, then you can keep a check list of these.  If you start to fall behind, then talk to your advisor to see what you need to do to get back on track and keep your scholarship.

You want to stay in good standing to keep your graduate college scholarship. Utilize the above strategies in your educational goals.