How to keep your Undergraduate College Scholarship

Your undergraduate college scholarship may be what is allowing you to get the education you need.  With education costs potentially in the thousands, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands dollars range, you want to be sure to get all the help you can.  Getting the undergraduate college scholarship is just the first step, however, since it is possible to lose many of them if you do not fulfill the requirements.  Consider the following tips for keeping your scholarship.

Know the requirements

Some undergraduate college scholarships do not have requirements, and once you get it you have it.  Others have very strict requirements that you must fulfill.  The first step is to know exactly what these are.  They often include elements like a grade point average and a certain amount of classes or progress towards your degree.  If it is an athletic scholarship then they are likely related to playing on the team, of course.  A lot of them have rules as far as behavior.  For instance, if you are caught cheating or doing something against the school rules or laws, then you can often lose the scholarship.  If they are long and complicated then you should print them out and post them in your dorm room so that you can see them. 

Do what is necessary to complete the requirements

If your grade point average is the deciding factor, then you will need to be sure to keep it up.  Make sure to attend and study for classes.  Do your assignments on time.  If you are having difficulty with a class then seek help from the teacher or do extra credit.  If it is associated with a sports team then make sure that you attend the practices and perform the best that you can.  Of course you want to have fun in college but avoid temptations to do something that could get you into trouble.  Cheating is a large problem and has caused many students to lose their scholarships. 

Keep track of your progress

You do not want to lose your undergraduate college scholarship without even realizing that you have fallen behind.  If you have to make very steady progress towards a degree, for instance, then keep track of this goal.  You can lay out a plan for doing it and keep up with it to make sure that it is being accomplished.  If you start to get into trouble such as a bad grade, see if there is something like you can do such as retake a class for grade forgiveness.

Your undergraduate college scholarship may be necessary for you to remain in school so you want to do all you can to keep it.  The above tactics may help you reach this goal.