How to know if Graduate School is right

For some people, three or four years of studying at university is more than enough. They want to earn their bachelor’s degree and move into the world of work. However, other individuals actually like the idea of continuing their education, so that they can obtain a master’s degree or Ph.D. There are, after all, plenty of valid reasons to consider pursuing a postgraduate education, which is why it is something to consider even if you initially think that you would prefer to get on with your career.

Some careers actually require you to have a postgraduate education, so that you have no choice but to continue with your studies, as is the case if you want to become a teacher, for instance. It may be that you obtained your degree in a subject that will not lead to any specific career and so would prefer to work towards an additional qualification that will help you pursue the career you want. Perhaps, you want to become a librarian or journalist and have a degree in a subject which may come in useful in your chosen professional, but requires you to have extra training.

The decision to continue with your education and work towards a postgraduate qualification doesn’t always have to be about your career prospects, though. It could be that you just really enjoyed studying at degree level and do not want your university experience to end. Of course, university life isn’t quite the same when you’re a postgraduate student, since many of your fellow students will have left and your focus will be even more on your work. On the positive side, you do get to explore your chosen subject in greater depth and create an extended piece of written work in which you are able to showcase your ideas.

You definitely have to possess a passion for learning if you want to continue with a postgraduate education. If you are unable to motivate yourself you will simply end up wasting your time and money. A postgraduate education doesn’t come cheap and so you have to weigh-up whether it is really a suitable option for you. If you want to pursue a postgraduate education, but do not have the funds, you may be able to apply for scholarships and grants, but with so much competition for resources you will need to have an exceptional academic record to get any kind of financial assistance.

If you’re unsure about whether to continue with your education and work towards a postgraduate qualification, it might be a good idea not to jump in head-first and, instead, find a job or go travelling. Unless you’re desperate to get started in a particular career, it is not something you have to rush into. As long as you have already got a bachelor’s degree, the option to go back to university will always be there and if you like the idea of a postgraduate education, but are not yet ready, then you may as well leave it awhile to ensure you make the right decision for you.