How to know if its Time to Change Majors

Since college is a time where many students mature and gain further insight into many realities of life, it can also mean a once a preferred or chosen subject has become unappealing and you have lost the zeal you once had toward it. This isn’t common, and colleges these days make it possible and easy for students to change majors, and some offer consulting services that help students choose majors they would like and are interested in or more suited to. So save yourself the regret of wishing you had changed majors when you had the chance to by knowing whether it’s high time or not for you to change majors.

More interested in other subjects

Do you find yourself constantly looking through the list of other major options available at your college? Have you been looking into and speaking to students to gather information about their academic programs as well as speaking to professors of different subjects, or even spending more time engaging in a hobby or subject matter of another class? These may be clear signs that it’s now time to change your major, although don’t be discouraged to do so; as such a decision may just be one of the most important ones you’ll make to follow the interests you like and get a job you can actually enjoy.

Bored out of your brains

If you find you fight to keep yourself awake during major classes and dread going to them, this may be a clear sign you’re not enjoying the subject matters of your major and need to reconsider what you major in. Although many students are bound to experience some sense of boredom in some classes, most of your major classes should gain your interest. The various projects and assignments should motivate you to learn more about your chosen subject of study. However, if you find yourself not caring for the subject matter or about your next paper, than you should talk to a college counselor or major’s adviser and perhaps select a more appealing major.

Chose major for the wrong reasons

Perhaps part the boredom or dispassionate feelings are due to the fact that you chose your particular major for its job earning potential, because others said it would be easy, to follow in your friends’ footsteps or to please your parents. The key to enjoying and doing well in your major rely on you actually enjoying and taking an interest in the subject. If you find the subject matters boring and are not engaged, it can be hard to get a good grade and even bother and get that motivation to study for exams and complete assignments on time. It may mean that you end up with a very poor overall grade – which won’t look good to potential employers.

Not doing well in major classes

If you constantly struggle and fail your major classes, re-consider if you enjoy the subject and if it is for you. Consider taking an upper-level class in another major, and see if you do well, and if you do – than definitely time to change. However, if you seem to be experiencing poor grades in all your classes, consider visiting the counselor at college to help you attain clarity as to the cause of such results.

After an internship you realized it’s not your thing

If after work experience or an internship you discover that your desired job isn’t what you first perceived it to be and that you couldn’t foresee yourself working in such an environment and with the subject matter, than it may have been a great eye-opener for you to know it’s time to change majors.

Perhaps you’ve been pondering over the thought of changing your major for some time now, and it hasn’t gone away. Maybe you find yourself at wits end with your chosen major and have lost all the enthusiasm and interest you thought you would have had. If this is true, and the points mentioned above are familiar, it’s probably high time to make that decision to change your major.