How to know if its Time to Change Majors

Selecting a major of your choice at university can be quite confusing especially when you are not sure of what you would want to do as a career. It is a fact that most people do not know what they want to do with their lives as a young person and most people do not know if they will like the major of their choice at the beginning of university simply because they have not yet tried reading the major.

Thus it is a fair assumption that some people will indeed change their majors midway while being at university. This is not uncommon especially with young people taking on a field of study that is significantly different from what they have been used to at senior high school. Most young people would not know what they want to do at the onset of their careers and most would typically choose what their parents would advise them to do or they may make choices based on their peers.

That is why having a student counselor is important to aid your selection criterion in your admission submission papers. For most faculties, subject majors are chosen at the end of freshmen year so at least there is a period whereby students can still opt to change their majors. Most universities will offer this progressive step especially when there are core subjects that need to be completed as prerequisites for these majors. 

However, what happens when you start to lose interest in the subject matter altogether? What then? Do you try to break through with sheer determination and force yourself to overcome the dislike? Perhaps it is then time to take a step back and reassess your preferences and take the decision to switch majors. People’s interests evolve over time, and it is not uncommon for students at university to likewise switch to a different majors simply based on their preferences and liking. 

The challenge here could be daunting especially for some where financial constraints may come into play as most students would be on loans that would require them to continue on the chosen field of study. For others on student scholarship programs or corporate sponsorship it would be tougher for them to switch majors.

However, when the student starts to perform below par as compared with their peers, it is usually a signal that it is time to switch or change majors. Speaking with your sponsors would be a good way to re-structure the scholarship or in the worse case scenario – to switch to a student loan.

University should be a place for the pursuit of higher learning or knowledge, and it should not be where students are pursuing majors that their parents or sponsors would want them to take up. No matter how difficult it may be, these changes in preferences and interest are a signal that it may be time to switch majors and students should seek proper counsel in order to achieve their university aspirations.