How to know if its Time to Change Majors

Your heart will be the first to tell you how to know if it’s time to change majors. If you are not performing as you should even though you have all the academic qualifications in high school to do well, and you get nightmares thinking about whether you will make it to the end of the course and pass, perhaps it is time to reconsider your options for majors.

It may not be you who have made the decision to pursue the major. Many college students actually go into majors with the perception that their parents, their society or a beloved teacher feel that they would do well in them. You may undoubtedly be one of these students. The consequence, however, is still the same: you want to be out of it.

How to tell it is time to change majors? Besides listening to your heart, you can tell by these signs:

You dread waking up because it is time for the lecture for your major.

You feel ill all of a sudden, which is like every other day, because you have lectures, tutorials and group study sessions that deal with your major. Your major feels more like major defeat than anything else. You just want to borrow a hole through your bed and the ground and get as far as you can, away from the maddening subject.

During lectures and tutorials for your major, your mind wanders some other places.

You are physically in the class, but your heart is somewhere else. You have absolutely no idea which direction the discussion is headed except that it is not where your heart is heading. You have absolutely no idea what is going on in your lectures and tutorials.

You fail every other assignment, test and have absolutely no idea how and where to start your term papers.

You fail all the assessments in the major. Unfortunately, that is where you seem to be heading whether you spend ten minutes or ten days on an assignment. Even when you seek help from your classmates and tutor, there is only that much that you can grasp. You do not seem to see light at the end of the tunnel no matter how hard you try. 

You selected it because you did not want to disappoint your parents, sweetheart, teachers.

You thought you could make it, but now it seems like you have selected a pair of shoes that you can never fill. You wanted to please your father so much that you tried all means to get into the major that your father had taken and succeeded in his career based on that, and you wanted to see his smile of approval to finally be able to see his son following in his footsteps. Now, however, you can only envisage his frown of dismay.

You realise your love and passion is actually in another subject.

When you hear your best friend chirping on excitedly about his major, you know you have made the worst choice in your life. It is not because you and your best friend should select the same things in life. You have the same interests, and that is why you are best friends. But you chose what you thought was your higher calling and not what your best friend and you secretly felt you should have.

No matter how well other people are doing in their jobs related to your major, you just cannot see yourself in their shoes.

Your future seems bleak now that you are studying for the major. You realize that it is not what you envisaged, and it is definitely not what you have the fire for. You think that it will be relevant to your desired future job, but somehow you have made the wrong connections.

You break out in cold sweat whenever people talk about your major or related topics.

Face it. The major you thought you would love has turned into the very monster that is under your bed and is emerging to torture the life out of you. It is a living nightmare you want out from as soon as possible.

What can you do? First, realize that it is good that you have discovered that you have made a major error in your life that is not unique to you. Next, even if you have wasted a few months in pursuing the wrong major, you have made a major discovery in your life – what you really do not want.

You next immediate step is to talk to a college career counselor, the tutor and lecturers in your present major and a school administrator. The career counselor will help you establish the careers that you would be comfortable in and that your past and present academic pursuits would allow you.

You need to speak to the tutor and lecturers in your present major to establish the reasons for your present state of affairs. Maybe you as a college freshman are still trying to find your fit in college and the major. With a little extra help in the right direction, you may make a complete turn around in your major.

If, however, your tutor and lecturers assess the situation and agree that you are majoring in the wrong subjects, they may be able to recommend a more suitable major that you can switch to, pending the school administrator’s decision.

Even if you have seemingly wasted your time and effort in the wrong major, and are not allowed to switch to another within the college, you have made an important discovery about yourself. Tell yourself a wasted year is far better than a wasted life and take another course of action to ensure that you major in the right major for you.