How to Make Ends Meet in College

College presents its own unique challenges to students. Students are struggling to get to class on time, have a social life, keep up with school work and possibly a part time job. For most this is also the first time they’ve ever lived away from home. Away from dad and mom being able to fully assist them in getting things done. Many have no clue how to make ends meet and keep up with everything else. These tips should help any college student to maintain their social status and make ends meet in college.


For students that haven’t learned how to budget time and money this is a must. First, sit down and organize all of the classes and odd jobs that are required. After figuring out what is required it’s time to work on a budget.

Start with the class time budget. If there isn’t enough time in class to do school work (and there won’t be) then schedule in some time to do school work. If there is a break between classes use that time wisely for getting the school work done.

Next figure out what the bills will be and work out a plan to meet the financial needs of said bills. Consider part time jobs, odd jobs, anything the student is good at can be considered a means to earn some extra money. Consider all possibilities.


Structure the day accordingly. Maintaining this structure will help the student to focus on what needs to be done and when without a lot of time.


Schedule wisely. If the student has a 2 hour break between some classes use that time to study and then work after classes are done.

Some ideas

Here is a list of possible ideas for making ends meet for the college student:

Tutor other students

Website design

Child care

Janitorial services (for public or private sectors)

Yard care

Snow removal

Car repairs (for the mechanically inclined students)

Recycling (collect and return for cash)

Fast food

Restaurant work

Writing services

Organizational skills

Fashion (work in retail and help with displays)

Create something unique and sell online



Set up a website and work online

Party organizer

Window washer

The list is endless and most college students can do one or more of these ideas on any given day. Making ends meet is all in the mindset of the college student. Learn to live within the means available and happiness and wealth will soon follow.