How to make notes to help with exam revision

For most college students notes are a way of life. There are many ways to take notes and learning which method works the best will save the student hours of searching and frustration. Exams are a regular part of education for the college student and preparing notes for exams in the right way will help any student to get a good grade on the final exam.


Getting the details down of an important class to review later is a great challenge for many students. Finding a way to get and keep these details in order will go far in assisting the college student in exam preparation.


Which method works the best for the student? There are many great methods for taking notes and no two students will go about it in the same fashion. Some students give up trying to write everything out and keep a tape recorder with them. They simply record each class session and review the recording prior to an exam for study purposes. While this method works well for some students, other students need to actually see the written notes to remember them.

Another method used by many professionals for preparing notes for exams is to use video. Using a small video recorder (with the instructor’s permission of course), students can take video and watch the class at their leisure taking the notes down as they go. This method will allow the student to stop and start the video or rewind the video as often as needed to get the information down.


Once the preferred method of preparing notes for coming exams is chosen, students can then focus on their class and glean the required information as they go. Being able to focus and review these notes as they prepare for their exams will give students the confidence that they need in order to pass the class and be successful.

It’s important that students label their notes according to the class, date and information contained therein. Using a filing system of some sort will help them to keep track of this information so that they can review it at a moment’s notice.

If using hand-written note,s a spiral notebook for each class might be sufficient. If using a recording or video method, make sure to label each tape with the pertinent information and place them in order in a file box, shoe box, or some other such container for easy access.

Preparing for exams doesn’t have to be intimidating once a student learns the best method of compiling notes.