How to Make the most out of College Experience

Get involved – There are many ways to become involved on campus. There are plenty of college organizations. Usually there is an organization fair at the beginning of the year. Be sure to attend and see what interests you. But don’t get involved with everything that seems interesting; be selective. Choose things that fall in line with your career goals. For example, if you are thinking of pursuing psychology, join the psychology club. If you are thinking of creative writing, join the writing club. If there isn’t a club available, go to student services and find out how to start one. Nothing looks better on a resume than being a part of a club or founding a new campus organization.

Make friends and connections – It is a good thing to have a broad range of friends and connections. Though, be selective in who you hang out with. Be sure to pick positive people who have similar interests as you. Or even finding someone who has something to offer you intellectually outside of your field of interest can be beneficial. This can be of great academic value. This will give you opportunities to study together and learn together as well as collaborate on class projects and later on, undergraduate research.

Undergraduate research – Ask your instructors for opportunities in undergraduate research. Be sure to keep track of what is available at your college or university. Most places have opportunities to take on research projects. Some even pay their students to participate in undergraduate research that is closely monitored by an instructor or professor in your career area of interest.

Practicum and internship – Be sure to take the time to search out opportunities with outside organizations. If your university or college does not have a career development center, make use of your counselors as well as your instructors to scope out internships and practicums. Keep tabs on new openings for internships. Many businesses in the community are often open to having interns and students come into to get experience. Some of these opportunities pay, other do not but you get a great addition to your portfolio of experience for when you complete your college education.

Talk with professors – Most instructors and professors love to hear from their students. If they do not, there should be questions as to why they are teaching. A large amount of students surprisingly don’t make good use of their instructors and professors. Usually because students feel inadequate or inferior. If you have questions in regards to course work or even have some career questions or general information you want to talk about, make use of your instructor’s office hours. If you do not, you are wasting your money spent on tuition.

Incessantly ask questions – Never stop asking questions. In all domains, ask your friends tough questions, ask your instructors tough questions, ask your organization leaders tough questions. Keep asking questions and make use of the resources available at your college institution. You are paying for it, don’t let all that free information go to waste.

These are the prime ways to make use of your time at college. You are at college to learn. That and have fun too. Keep in mind, you are paying a lot of money for your education, and keep your end goals in mind by making use of all that is available to you through college.