How to Manage your Time in College

Do not let friends, roommates or team members talk you into spending your time their way. Only you can decide how your time will be spent. Setting priorities is what time management is all about. Over the next few days record exactly how you spend your time. Look for overall balance when you have completed the list. Make sure you are taking enough time to sleep and rest. Always make sure you have set enough time aside for fun, meals and yourself. It can be difficult to find the right balance between the things you have to do and things you want to do. Setting priorities helps us to fit everything we want and need to do when we are in college.

Making a schedule can be helpful in achieving your goals. You can do a schedule on a computer spreadsheet or by the old fashioned pen and paper method. To make a schedule list the days of the week at the top. List the time in hours or half-hours down the left side of the paper. Write down all of your essential activities such as sleeping, eating, studying and going to class. Fill in any chores such as doing laundry,commuting time or if you work a job. Now fill in any socializing with things such as sports, clubs or other fun activities.

If you hold a job when you are attending college, and you find the commute time is too much check into obtaining a job on the college campus. Adjust your schedule for additional study time a week or so before mid-terms or finals. Stick to your schedule since it is a waste of time if you do not use it. A great tool to learn time management skills with is the Day Planner. You should really get used to using one of these planners before going off to college. A student generally needs about 2 hours of study time for each hour spent in the classroom. If you are signed up for a total of 15 credit hours, you are going to need around 30 hours of study time.

The hours in between classes are excellent times to get in some extra studying. Review class material even during a short break. You will be amazed at the difference this makes. Study before and after classes. Try to keep your study sessions at 60 to 90 minutes each since anymore than this can cause you to feel burned out. With a little planning and by paying attention to how you are spending your time, time management should not be something you have difficulty with.