How to Manage your Time when Taking a Mix of Classroom and Online Classes

Good time management is crucial for students who are taking a mix of classroom and online classes.

For an adult student returning to college, a baby boomer or a senior attempting to upgrade his or her education, time management can be difficult and confusing, at times. Even high school, college or university students may find taking classroom and online classes to be hectic at first, but everyone has the same twenty-four hours in a day and managing that time wisely can make it easier.

Are you a good student?

Tamara Popovich, from the  distance learning arm of Arizona State University, suggests, “Being a good student, whether you’re online or in person, are pretty much similar things.”

Consider the following guidelines for time management:

Allocation of your time

A student’s time is important, so effective allocation of time for specific classroom and online classes requires good organizational skills. It also helps when it comes to meeting class deadlines.

There are distinct advantages to both. Taking classes in a classroom generally demands a student’s presence, while taking online classes can be easier time wise as a student can work from home or any place where there is a computer with internet access. Taking classes in a classroom also requires travel time, whereas taking online classes at home can be a time saver.

There may also be the added advantage of being able to work on online classes, if there is computer access in the same classroom for other classes. Most academic institutions now offer computer access in libraries, etc. as well. Smart phones may also be able to access different kinds of information for online or classroom classes.

Choosing classes carefully makes it easier to set up a schedule and adhere to it. If the classes are similar, then the same research material may be appropriate for both. That can save time.

A student’s choice of classes should be such that there are no conflicting times. In other words, the scheduling of a student’s classes in a classroom should not be such that online classes suffer time wise or vice versa.

Allowing for the unexpected in classroom settings and online classes is a good idea, so that there are no overlapping times. It may be necessary to make a decision for one or the other, at various times.

Remember that studying online may be on one’s own, with not a lot of directives from online instructors, so being an independent learner is important. Learn how to work quickly and efficiently.

Establish definite goals and set priorities

Both classroom classes and online classes have course outlines and designated times for tests, submission of papers, exams, etc. Establishing definite goals and striving towards them by setting and adhering to priorities can save a great deal of time when it comes to preparing for them.

To be a student who is able to take classes in classrooms and online classes as well, is a relatively new phenomenon. This was probably not an opportunity ever accorded to your grandparents or parents.

Even if you are ‘swimming’ in new waters, make the most of it. You will be glad that you did.

As an older student, finding time means making time to accomplish what you plan to do in terms of classroom and online courses. Be proactive, but relax and enjoy your classroom classes, as well as your online classes, knowing that you can achieve your goals.