How to Maximize Study Time

Time is gold. Yes, that is the famous saying almost everyone has heard of. But when it comes to studying many students seem to forget it. Many just let the time pass not realizing that time spent doing nothing is time wasted.

When I came across this title, I suddenly found myself going back and trying to remember what I was like when I was still a student. I graduated with honors when I was in secondary school and in college. While working, I managed to study and finish my Master’s degree as well. I still got A’s on my card even if I was working. I didn’t mention those to boast of my credentials. I mentioned it because I think that sharing it would somehow convince you that the things that I did to use my time effectively as a student, were effective.

To start with, I think being organized was a key factor. I organized my time in such a way that I get to accomplish many things, if not all, during my “study time.” That way I get to spend my time doing other things that I like. How did I do this? Well, at the start of my study time, I list down all my subjects and all the homework, projects, or requirements needed for each.  After which, I number it depending on which homework should be done first. Usually, I start doing the things that are much shorter or easier. That way, I get to finish something and I don’t get stuck compared if I chose to start on one long homework or very difficult project. Usually the longer homework or more difficult project really consumes a big chunk of my study time.

Second, I don’t try and finish projects which are still due in a month’s time. I make it a point to spend at least 5 to 10 minutes working on it so that my development progresses. Cramming is not for me. If I wait too long, I might end up cramming, which in turn will yield poorer quality of outputs.

Third, when I get to finish projects ahead to time, I don’t submit it right away. I take time to review and see on how I can still improve it.

Fourth, as I have mentioned earlier, I am not a crammer. So if there are big tests scheduled in two-three weeks’ time, I’d make sure that I’ll start studying probably as soon as my teacher announces about it. That way I don’t end up sleeping very late on the eve of the exam.

These are just some of the things I did when I was still a student. I know that not all students are the same. For some students, cramming is the solution to all their problems. But if you think that your style is somewhat similar to my style, then by all means, give it a shot. It won’t let you down, that I assure you. It worked for me; it will definitely work for you.