How to Organize your Notes for Studying

Having well-organized notes can be your key to success in college. Not many students, however, bother to organize their notes so that they are already ready for studying. Here is how you can easily keep your notes organized:

1. Have at least one notebook for each class. Or, you can have a large binder filled with loose leaf paper and dividers. Make sure that you have paper between all of the dividers already, so that when you get to class and you have to start taking notes, you are ready and you don’t have to make a fuss.

2. Follow a readable format. When you write your notes, use bullets or indentations regularly. Your writing should be legible.

3. If you are not hand writing your notes, you can type them on your computer or laptop. However, bringing your laptop to class can be distracting. If you are the type of person who is easily distracted, try to stay away from bringing your computer to class. If you do decide to use your computer, use indentations and bullets as when hand writing your notes. You can also use different colors for different sections of your notes.

4. As you finish writing your notes down, always write down a question that pertains to your notes. Write them in the margins. You may have used Cornell notes in your earlier school days. Though you may have hated doing them, this is the right time to use them. Make the questions as detailed as possible. For instance, if you have to remember dates, ask about those dates. If you have to remember why certain events happened, ask about those events. This way, when you get home and you need to study your notes, not only will they be organized but they will also be ready for studying.

5. If you already know when your test dates are, prepare your notes for them. Study at least thirty minutes every night. Organize your notes using flash cards. Write down events, places, names, and dates on each flash card. Flash cards are usually great for studying because they force you to think in a different way. If you were to keep staring at your notes over and over again, odds are that you won’t retain as much information.

Success depends on your organization. If your notes are messy, so will your mind be muddled and confused. Instead, keep your notes organized, and your mind will be just as organized and ready for success.