How to Pass Accatips for Passing Accahow to Pass my Acca Paperpassing Acca Papers

According to my experience as a Professional Level student of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the examination system is very fair. You will always score in the ACCA according to your knowledge and understanding of the topic. Below, I have mentioned a few things that will help you in passing the ACCA papers. These are based on my personal experience.

Read the instructions for each paper before starting:

In ACCA, every paper has a different structure and style; some are completely discursive or practical, while some have both elements. Before starting to study for any paper a student must first read all the instructions for that particular paper. Read the instructions about all previous topics that relate to that paper. In some papers the same topics are covered differently, so make sure that you have covered all those topics in required depth.

Don’t leave any topic:

Many students fail in achieving good scores because they only read selected topics. To pass an ACCA paper a student must have a clear understanding of the entire topic; only memorizing a few concepts will not help you in the ACCA examination.

Go through pilot papers and examiner’s reports:

According to my experience, examiner’s reports and pilot papers are the best guide about the structure and content of a paper. Make sure that you have gone through all these before sitting down for the examination. Examiner’s reports highlight areas where students have performed well and where most were unable to get good scores. Common examination mistakes are also provided in the examiner’s reports, so think about this while taking the examination.

Start studying at least four months before the examinations:

I have seen that most students leave too much work for the last one or two months and as a result they don’t have enough time to revise all the topics before examinations. If you have not revised a topic before your examination you don’t have much to write on it.

Write all topics you have learned in your own words as you come across them:

It is easy to forget what you have learned during your study. Write briefly about topics when you have finished them, this will help you in the revision and to concentrate on those areas where you need attention.

Teach what you have learned:

Try to teach someone in your neighborhood or in your office so you don’t have to revise all those topics again and again. Also you will earn good pocket money if you are living in a country like Pakistan, where ACCA is growing rapidly.

Present your answer script in a professional way:

Try to present your answer script in a professional manner to the examiner. Write clearly and concisely only on the topic that has been asked. Avoid writing unnecessarily long answers. Before starting to write, check how many marks are allocated to the topic you are answering, so you can manage the length of your answer.