How to Pay for the High Price of College Textbooks

You would think that the high price of college tuition would be enough, but then you go to buy the course books and realize you have parted with another small fortune. New college textbooks can run you anywhere from $50 to $300+ and since most students have at least 4-5 classes that can cost almost $1500 in books alone. Save the panic because there are a few sure ways of keeping the high costs down.

The tried and true method is purchasing used copies or buying a previous edition. You are likely to save hundreds of dollars and maybe lucky enough to find a previous student has highlighted important passages or made helpful notes in the margins. Think of buying used for general education classes which are not as essential as major requirements.

Another useful money saver is sharing. Pick a few friends/fellow classmates and split the cost evenly. This is a little more complicated and its probably best to choose people you see regularly outside of class and trust as well. If you arrange a study group you can pass the book around and keep up to date on class notes. This also works for swapping books. Just find a friend/student and see what future classes match the books you both currently have.

Does your university have an extensive library or is a city one nearby? If so, take your book list and see if they have a copy on file. If its available for short term only set aside a specific time to use it or make copies for future lessons (beware of copyright laws though).

Another way of affording textbooks is thinking mind over money. Sure its $1500, but that could be what you spend your entire college life. Just keep the book in mint condition or at least like new you could sell them at the end of the semester and use the money to buy your next set of books. No, you won’t get your exact price back but it’ll be close enough.

There will always be a book that you must buy new, but these tips will help you avoid the high prices and save the money for unforseen expenses.