How to Prepare for Essay Portions of State Mandated End of Year Tests

State-mandated, end-of-year tests are very stressful for many students.  There are different ways that you can prepare for the essay portion of such a test, including the following methods.

Brush up on your vocabulary

You may find that you can write better essays if your vocabulary is better.  If you are a child, they may be looking for the use of certain vocabulary.  There are different books that may be helpful.  Adults may find just general vocabulary builder books to help them while children may be able to refer to textbooks or workbooks they used throughout the school year.

Practice taking essays

I some cases, you may be able to get practice tests that have similar essays.  It may help you prepare for the test to take these practice essay questions.  You can then look through them and see how well you did.  Someone else might be able to critique you as well, such as your teacher if you are in grade school.  You may even do this as part of a class exercise.

Study grammar

If you are young, you may need to study your grammar.  You might have an English book that discusses different lessons related to this.  Make sure that you understand how to write correctly.

Make sure that your handwriting is legible and practice if necessary

If the test is going to be handwritten, then you will want to make sure that you have legible handwriting.  Remember that you may be in a rush while you are taking these essay questions.  It won’t matter if you have the best essay in the world, if they can’t read it then it will be of no use.  If you need practice in this, then you should try writing things out, and ask others to judge them on how well they can read them. 

Study the subject that the state-mandated, end-of-year tests are on

If the essays are on a particular subject, then you should be sure to know that subject.  You can look back on your work throughout the school year.  Also, your teacher might provide worksheets or other resources to help you prepare.  Reading your textbook may also be of use as well.

The best way to help yourself during the essay portion of a state-mandated, end-of-year test is to make sure that you have prepared yourself thoroughly.  Consider the above tips to help you get ready for these very important exams.