How to Prepare for Final Exams how to Plan Ahead for Final Exams

It’s the end of the semester and for students this means its time for final exam week.  Final exam week can be stressful and overwhelming for students of all grade levels especially college students. 

If you are taking a full load, this means that you have several papers to research and write.  You also have to  review notes for each class; and finish reading several textbooks.   You may have done well in some of your classes, but what about the difficult ones?  As you calculate your grades, you realize which classes you need to focus your attention on.  What can you do in order to prepare ahead for final exams?  Here are five tips to help you prepare ahead for final exams.

Review your notes every day and review any study guides or other materials distributed by your professor.  By reviewing your notes and study guides, this will help you build familiarity with the material.   If you are allowed to keep your tests throughout the semester, use these documents to review as potential exam questions. Don’t just simply memorize the notes, but find ways to apply what you have learned.  You can do so by creating diagrams, charts, flash cards, comparison and contrasts etc.  For example, if you are taking a literature class, you can create character summaries of the literary work in which you are studying. If you are studying for a cumulative exam, study your notes and reading assignments in a systematic fashion starting from the beginning of the semester.  You should study for each exam for 60 to 90 minutes each day, ten days in advance.   If you wait until to the day before the exam to study, the cramming method will not be effective.    You should also make sure that you take study breaks and don’t be afraid to change up your study area.  One of the most important factors of preparing for final exams or any tests is by getting plenty of sleep.  According to St. Lawrence University website, sleeping hours are often the time when we completely synthesize information.  By getting plenty of rest the night before exams, you will be fresh and alert when you take your finals.  If you are pulling an A in World Geography for example , than you don’t have to spend as much time studying  for the classes that you are doing well in.  You should focus on studying for the classes that you are borderline in.  You should also spend your time studying for the exams that carry the most weight.  Not all final exams and research papers carry the same weight.  Make sure you know in advance what percentage your final exam or research paper is worth to your grade.  This will help you determine which classes you should spend the most time studying for.


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