How to Prepare for Studying at University

Studying at university can be a big change, and you will want to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. The more prepared you are the easier the transition will be.

Learn about the university

You will find it easier if you go to the university with some idea of what is there and what is available. You may want to familiarize yourself with the layout of the school. Learn about the different resources available. Find out where you need to go if you have an issue with a class, financial aid, a teacher, etc. Make sure that you are aware of all school and dorm room policies. Research campus groups you may want to join. Make decisions as far as roommates and class schedules. Think about the possible routes you want to take educationally and plan your classes accordingly.

Make sure that you are ready academically

Carefully consider the classes that you will be taking. If you feel that you need more preparation to go into them such as brushing up on certain subjects, then do so before you go. You want to be able to jump right into your classes, not start behind. You may be able to find out what textbooks your classes require and start to look through them beforehand so that you can be more familiar with the work.

Prepare yourself to be independent

If you will be leaving home and being independent for the first time, then you want to make sure that you are ready. Learn the basics of doing your laundry, going grocery shopping, and food preparation. Take steps to feel that you are emotionally ready to leave.

Get everything ready to go

You do not want to wait to pack until the day before you leave for university. You should find out exactly how much space you will have and carefully consider what you want to bring and what you want to leave behind. Consider all of the little details of moving such as forwarding mail, registering to vote in your new area, getting a bank account and credit cards set up, etc. The school may provide a list (or you can find those online) of important things to bring to university such as school supplies, organizational tools, etc. Get essentials that you may need such as a computer.

The more you prepare to study at university, the easier it will be to make this move. The above steps can help you get ready for this big change.