How to Prepare for the Act Test Act Studying

The ACT test is an overwhelming presence in a high school student’s life. The number they achieve can play a very active role in scholarships, college acceptance and whether remedial courses will be needed when entering the college system. All of these stressors can weigh heavily on a student who is preparing to the take one of the biggest tests of their lives.

What can you do you prepare yourself?

Take the test apart and find resources that can help you prepare for the big day.  There are four major parts of the ACT test: English, Math, Reading and Science. Online resources for each one are out there if you look.  Putting the time in to prepare will help alleviate some of the stress that is associated with the ACT test.

In regards to the English portion there is a website called “Study my English” that allows for students to take practice tests and gives you the answer with immediate feedback. It helps you understand the types of questions that will be asked, and why you got them right or wrong instantly. Going through the grammar, paragraph, analogies, and antonyms will strengthen your knowledge.

Vocabulary is a big part of life, and the more you improve your individual vocabulary the better you will be prepared to read and comprehend the questions given on the ACT test.  Websites like “My Vocabulary” can help you by learning approximately 18 words per week, taking practice tests and using them in sentences.  This type of studying and knowledge gaining will not open help you with test preparation but in life in general.

If you struggle in Math in high school there are a multitude of websites available that can walk you through problems step by step.  Online Math learning, it breaks down math by grade, subject and gives you the assistance to understand the problems and possibly pickup on a step you might have missed in the classroom.

Reading is all about comprehension. You must know what you read to understand it, and be able to tell someone else the specifics of the passage. This is vital not only on the ACT but when signing important papers as an adult whether that is in school, work or in your personal life.

YouTube has become a valuable resource in preparing for the ACT as well. Some students can learn via reading but others are more visual. So YouTube can be a valuable resource for these students. One example is on ACT prep at .  Science can be one of the areas where finding visual instruction might be better than traditional studying.

Finding resources online can help offset stress for many families trying to decide on whether to pay for professional ACT prep classes or if their student can do it themselves.