How to Prepare Teens for College

The task of preparing teens for college is difficult because at that age they not so focused yet on their future.  Most are still happy-go-lucky, hardly caring about tomorrow.  For teens that experienced difficulty and hardships in their young age, they would most likely be easier to prepare for college because of determination to do better in life.  Actually preparing teens for college should have started even when they were a lot younger.  Interests and passion of children would often lead to a good hint what course in college is best fit for them.

Teen’s ambitions and their want-to-be could be observed in their interests and what they actually do.  In these cases, it would be nice to have an informal chat with them on how they think and feel about it.  Some factors that influence their ambitions or their want-to-be are like:

    *They idolize or look up to a person’s status in that position in life.

     *Sense of security and happiness as they see in others in that status or carer in life.

     *A common objective or purpose with close friends.

     *Pressure from parents and siblings that try to convince or force them into a career they are not interested in.

     *Brainwashed unintentionally by talks, movies, seminars and schools on what are portrayed to good careers for the future.

Whatever factors influence them need to be determined by parents.  This is where quality time with children comes in to be very important.  Ease of talking and expressing what is in the mind and how teens feel has to be elicited in their own freewill.  From there, parents can cite examples of people who are in the same interest the teen has.  Money and material success should not be the point in those examples, instead on how happy, gratified and satisfied those people are in that interest or career.

The happiness of doing something in life is they key element to prepare your teen for college.  Nothing beats it.  It is important to give teens an overview on how life would go after college.  How interests could change in the different stages of aging.  How it will be when they get married and probably have children of their own.  Best of all – narrate how different it was in your own time going through life until your current status.

The most important thing in preparing teens for college is for them to completely understand why you are doing so.  Make them realize that you do not expect anything in return from them, instead, tell them that all you want is for them to do same for their own children in the future as what you are doing now.  Maybe even better than what you did for them.  Remove from your mind that what you want for them in the future is for your own interest.

In conclusion, let your teen realize that their life in the future is theirs to move through.  There might be several options while going through life, or, there might be none.  Giving examples on how the economy has changed erratically and fast pace of technology advancement in the past has drastically changed life as it is now.  There is no question that it could be the same, if not more complicated, in their own time.  With that, your teens should be more curious on what should be right for them in college.  Always remember that what seems to be good now may not be so after they get through college.  It has happened before, it is happening now and there is no doubt it could happen again in the future.