How to Pursue a Scholarship Grant

A college education is expensive. Pursuing scholarship grants is one way to offset a significant portion of this cost. Grants based on scholarship are offered by a vast array of agencies and foundations. Most students get some form of grant money. This is usually a Pell grant or other type of government education subsidy. Scholarship grants are awarded based on scholastic merit or by completing some type of project that is entered into a competition for the grant.

Some people who have been champions of eduction leave behind endowments or trusts to be used to provide scholarship grants for worthy students.

One of these types of grants is awarded to several different levels of educational pursuit by the Ayn Rand foundation. Every year this foundation requires students to read one of Rand’s books and write a paper based on that year’s criteria. The paper judged to be the best is awarded a generous scholarship. By doing a reasonable amount of research, most students can find multiple types of these scholarship grants to apply for.

Many churches offer scholarship grants to the young people who attend their church.

If you are affiliated with a local church, you should investigate this possibility. These scholarships are frequently available at the local level and at the denominational level. Some church organizations offer multiple types of scholarships based on religious, educational, sports, and fine arts achievement. These scholarships are not usually really large sums of money, but it all adds up.

Local fraternal organizations may offer scholarship grants.

Clubs like the Elks, Masons, and others do fund raising to assist students with educational costs. These organizations operate about the same way as most church groups. You get opportunities to apply to several levels of the organization for multiple scholarships. Ask around your community to find the individuals who oversee the award process for these grants on the local level. These people can be resources for pursuing these grants.

Consult with teachers and the school counselor to discover individuals who offer scholarship grants to students.

Occasionally, a person who has a strong tie to the local school district will decide to endow a scholarship fund for a specific type of student. This can be a student who is a good performer, but will never be in the top ten of the class. It could be tied to a specific type of career like teaching.

Companies that have a presence in the local community offer scholarships.

Large corporations use scholarships as a way to build good will with the communities where they have facilities or stores. Go to these various companies in your city or town and inquire about these scholarships. Sometimes, they are reserved for the children of employees, but this is not always the case.