How to Save Money on College Textbooks

How to Save Money on College Textbooks

Many people go back to school to sharpen their skills and become more competitive in the marketplace. However, this can be a challenging problem all on its own due to the rising costs of attending college classes. One way to reduce costs is to get the most out of your college textbooks. Here are three creative ways you can stretch your bookstore dollar.

Buy Used and Sell Back

Your school bookstore will probably not give you back nearly as much on your used copy as you could get selling it online to someone taking the same course next semester. If you don’t want to or can’t sell your text book online, then post fliers for your used books at a few dollars less than the bookstore sells the used copies. Post these on the boards provided for students, or they will be taken down right away. Make sure to leave slips at the bottom of the flier with your phone number because the majority of people in passing can’t be bothered to dig through their backpack for a pen on the way to class.

Share Textbooks

Many people go to classes with friends and coworkers, or know people in their program from previous classes together. Stay in touch with these people and try to take a few classes together so you can share a textbook. You each only pay half for the textbook and this is much less than the used price. Unless the text is a required workbook for class, most professors do not care and often encourage this as a way for their students to save money. Make sure this is someone whomyou trust and have studied with before. As long as you can set clear times for you each to have the book, this is an easy way to save cash.

Use an Out-of-Date Textbook

Contact your professor to ask about this option. College professors are easiest to reach by e-mail for this purpose. When the class is a math or basic science class you should always try this since the material in the text hardly changes between editions. All your professors have to do is allow you to use a different problem set. Some will and some will not, but it never hurts to ask.

These are some basic ideas to help you save money on college textbooks. Athough the cost of a college education can seem astronomical at times, know that there are little changes you can make that will add up to hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of dollars in savings over your student career. Just be sure that the money that you save gets put to good use!