How to Spend Free Time in College

In college, students rarely find their selves with free time, so if you have any, make the best of it. There are tons of things you can do with free time that may be on campus already. If your schedule is light and you find yourself with more free time than you would prefer, take another class! It can be something you really enjoy, such as computers, health/fitness, or a cooking class. College doesn’t have to be boring, so look through the available classes that relate to your interests. All the classes you take don’t have to be related to your major and most college advisors would recommend you take a class or two that you have high interest in so as to round out your knowledge.

                If you don’t want to take another class, a good option to do with free time is work. It doesn’t have to be an official job. Maybe you need a little extra cash, so look for a job babysitting for a few hours, or cleaning house. Doing this will not only give you extra money to put towards school or hobbies, but also keep you from wasting your day lounging around.

                Speaking of hobbies, they are a great way to take up free time. If you like to work out, go to a nearby gym and hit the weight, or take a jog around campus or town. If you like to hike, go find a nice trail to spend your evening at. If you like sports, find out your school’s sporting schedule and go watch a game with your friends. If you can’t think of anything fun you’d like to do, go Geo-caching. It’s a wonderful way to spend free time and can be adventurous and exciting.

                One way to spend extra time in college that will boost your GPA is studying. If you have friends in the same class, have a night that you get together and study. Studying with friends can be an excellent way to study as long as you stay on track. Make note cards with questions and answers on the back and quiz each other until you know the material. If your friends aren’t in the same class, most colleges have a tutoring service they offer. Find information about yours. Even if you’re doing well in a class, you can always do better. Most tutors are professional in the subject you choose, so don’t hesitate in asking questions or further explanations.

                If you’ve done all of these things, or if nothing else interests you, go spend time with family or friends. Work on your social life. Or stay in for the night and watch a movie or read a book. Do yoga or meditate to get in touch with your spirituality.