How to Spend your Free Time in College

As a student, the time you spend attending lectures, studying in private or revising for your examinations, accounts for a tiny fraction of your college life. Most of your time in college has very little to do with academic work. The things that you choose to do during your free time contribute a lot to your personal development. Therefore it is prudent to engage in constructive activities during your free time.

Some of the things that you can take on during your free time include social activities that are geared towards preparing you for the life after school. Students should strive to engage in activities that add value to their non-academic life such as community activities. Activities that are organized through the community are very important in building experience and imparting critical skills for employment purposes. Though most community activities call for volunteering, they add value to a student’s interactive skills. For instance, taking part in event-organizing for a corporation helps one understand and put into practice critical organizational skills.

Having some practical experience in your field of study can set you apart from the crowd in the job market. Joining one of the many clubs that are common to many colleges is a sure way of learning from those who know better. This is because students meet during their free time to discuss important issues related to their field of study. While at it, students exchange ideas and learn new skills from each other. Examples of clubs include Science club, Finance club, Debate club, Marketing Association, Public speaking club and The Mathematics society just to name a few. Clubs help in pooling knowledge and in the process everyone benefits by learning something new.

It is not uncommon to find college students indulging in alcohol under the disguise of socializing. However, such activities take away from the students instead of adding any value. Drinking parties for example, cost money which is hard to come by for most students. In the end, a student is unable to support his routine. When that happens, it leaves them depressed and disoriented hence unable to concentrate on their academic work. Therefore students should avoid such activities at all costs. Instead during their free time, students should strive to be creative. Some of the ways that this can be achieved include writing and composing music, writing articles for magazines or blogging. Such activities will keep the mind preoccupied and stop you from wondering into a pub or a drinking party.

Whatever you do in college during your free time doesn’t always have to be voluntary.  Students can engage in activities that generate income. Indeed, most entrepreneurs honed their skills doing business in college. As a student you can make money selling essential goods or services to fellow students. Some students excel in business and when they leave college they become very good business people. However, the drawback to this is that doing business in college could derail you from your studies.

Utilizing your free time in college well will surely make the difference between a graduate and a reliable graduate. Anyone can graduate from college but in order for your certificate to be valuable, you have to start making your time-off academics, count.