How to Stay Healthy in College

College is stressful enough without getting sick and being physically unable to complete all the requirements and obligations of higher education. While some people “thrive” on the crazy lifestyle of college, there are times where their choices catch up with them and their body breaks down. Running at “full throttle” may be exhilarating for a while, but “hitting a wall” and being unable to function can be a less-than-fun side effect. Therefore, here are a few thoughts on how to stay healthy in college.

Get some sleep

Most college students would snicker at this suggestion or just downright dismiss it. However, plenty of scientists have found links between sleep and productivity. Perhaps the typical college student will never get the amount of sleep that they really need, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t try. Choosing to go to bed at a “reasonable” hour, finding time for naps, and sleeping in (when appropriate) are all ways to make sure the body has time to recuperate.

How about a salad sometimes?

Another way to maintain some level of health is to make some attempt to eat a healthy diet. The college student should try to eat a regular amount of green vegetables, fruit, and grains to counteract the sodas, late-night pizza, and alcohol that is unfortunately consumed in large amounts in certain college settings. Again, college students see themselves as invincible, which is both a blessing and a curse. Getting them to eat healthy is possible, but also a definitive challenge.


Finally, there is physical activity, which can keep the brain stimulated and help to counteract the diet and lifestyle of the typical college student. Thankfully, a good number of college students will exercise, play intramural sports, or at least go out and do something active every once and a while. However, this is also an area that college students have to be aware of when they are in school. Too much cafeteria food coupled with too many movies and video games can equal a sedentary lifestyle in a short period of time. Therefore, students have to remain intentional about being active.

Staying healthy in college is possible as long as students take some steps to keep their body fit and balanced. For most college students, higher education is a time of freedom and personal expression but unfortunately it can also be the start of some bad lifestyle habits. If students are willing to channel some of their immense energy towards positive lifestyle choices, they can stay healthy and enjoy the best of the college experience.