How to Study for a Psychology Test

Do you have a Psychology Test to pass? Are the different types of psychological problems and their definitions confusing you? Do you have relatives and friends that resemble the definitions of the terms? Then you may have an easy way to learn psychological terms for a test.

Write the name of the relative, or friend who resembles, or has the problem next to the term. Then look at the term; see if you can figure how the term and the person’s name are alike. The more interesting relatives and friends with more problems you have, the easier it is to study and pass the test. For instance, if the test is a 20 term test and you’re related to 30 interesting individuals who resemble at least 20 of these terms, then you can “plug them in easily. But if you only have 5 eccentric relatives or friends, then putting them with the 20 definitions doesn’t really work. Or if your family or friends have people with 3 or more problems at the same time, then plugging in a name per term can be confusing.

Some people may think that I’m picking on their relatives, friends, or them. But when I was in college, we learned that some people operate in a different reality from the rest of us, and we shouldn’t put that reality down. Also, everyone is a little bit like some of the terms. For example: We ALL have phobias, things we are afraid of, but the degree and how we handle them may fall inside or outside the normal response range. So you see, I’m not putting anyone down. I’m considered rather eccentric, because I have some excessive-compulsive habits. Like rechecking doors umpteen times before I leave. However, having worked in a prison, that behavior was normal and valued. So the circumstances, in which the behavior is exhibited, also plays a role.

But just in case, keep your study notes away from your friends and relatives. They may not be as open-minded about their peculiarities as I am. Try not to smile too widely when you’re studying either, they may be onto you! Or you might just be paranoid.