How to Study for the AP Biology Exam

The advances placement (AP) biology exam can be quite the challenge, but the payoff of college credit can be quite substantial.  There are many different subjects on this broad-ranged exam, and you will want to study well to prepare yourself for the test.  Different students study in different ways.  The following are some tips on studying that you might want to consider when approaching such a test.

Study the material you received in class

Most high school students who take the AP biology exam took a class to accompany it. You may want to go back over your material from the class, as well as your textbook.  Your teacher may be able to tell you which areas are more heavily seen on the exam and might be able to direct you on what best way to spend your time.  In addition, some AP teachers may offer tutoring or study sessions.  You should take advantage of any such services to help yourself prepare.

Do practice tests

Practice tests can be a wonderful way to study for the AP biology exam because it will show you how the questions are laid out.  Even if you do not see the exact same questions on the test (and oftentimes you will see things that are pretty close) you will see many of the same subject areas.  This will give you an idea of what you need to study more in depth and what areas you have down fairly well.  It will get you used to the type and format of the questions that you will see on the test.  As much as possible, try to take the practice test under the same conditions that you will be taking the real test.  Try to adhere to the time deadlines and avoid interruptions.  You will find practice tests in different places such as in books.  You teacher may also have practice tests, which can help you.

Buy a study guide

You may want to consider purchasing a study guide in order to prepare for the AP biology exam.   These are set up in different ways, so you should look through them to see which one is best for you.  Some of these also have practice questions, which can also help you prepare.

Flash cards

You may find flash cards useful in studying.  You can use them in different ways.  You might use them for vocabulary words, putting the word and the definitions on opposite sides.  You might use them for different scientific principles.  This can be a great way to test yourself.

No matter how you study, make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to get a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast the night before the test.