How to Study for the AP Chemistry Exam

With the potential to grant you college credit, the AP chemistry exam is a crucial test indeed.  You will want to do the best you can on this exam, and although it is usually the culmination of a lengthy class, there is a lot you can do to study for this exam.  The following are tips on how to accomplish this.

Purchase a study book

A study book can be extremely helpful in studying for the AP chemistry exam.  Some books include Cracking the AP Chemistry Exam, 2010 Edition by the Princeton Review, which is very highly rated, and Barron’s AP Chemistry by Neil D. Jespersen.  These are relatively inexpensive at under $15 on (as well as available at other stores that sell books such as Barnes and Noble) and can help you a lot.  These provide a comprehensive look at the test in easy to understand terms.  They can help you brush up on the skills that you are lacking, and help remind you of important points you might have learned months ago in class.  You can look through the different books to see which is the best for you and the way that you study.

Take practice tests

Many people find that taking practice tests is the best way for them to study.  Your teacher may have some that you can use and you will also find some in the various books (there are two in the Princeton Review book).  This can help you simulate the actual testing scenario and may give you an idea of how you will do.  It might also help you find out where you need more help.

Make sure to take advantage of any help that your teacher provides.  Many teachers will offer tutoring or study sessions as the test nears.  As much as possible, take advantage of this to provide you with further opportunities to prepare yourself for this important test.  Also, just going over your class material can often be very helpful in studying for the test.  You could even try to retake the tests you had throughout the year.  You can also try different study methods such as flashcards, which you can make or purchase.

When studying, many people find it beneficial to do so over time in the time leading up to the exam as opposed to just cramming everything in the night before the test.  There is far too much material to cover in a single night, and you want to give yourself enough time to go over everything.  In addition, you do not want to be cramming in the time you should be getting a good night’s sleep right before the test. 

The AP chemistry exam is very important, and studying for it could make the difference.  Utilize the above tips to help you see success and with it, college credit.