How to Study for the AP Psychology Exam

The AP Psychology exam is very important.  By passing it, you can get college credit, which can save you an entire class in college, as well as the money you would have spent on it.  It can help you get ahead, especially if you are looking into psychology as a career.  There are different ways that people study for exams.  The following are some ways you might want to consider.

Study class material

Your teacher should have taught you a lot of the material that will be on the exam.  You might want to go back and study the material from your class.  Sometimes, an experienced teacher might have an idea on what was focused on by exams in the past.  You might want to make sure to know these subjects.

Practice tests

Practice tests are a wonderful way to study for the exam.  Sometimes, they will even allow you to get copies of the questions from previous years, which can often give you a very good idea of what will be on the test.  Although the questions will be different, many of the subjects will be exactly the same.  This might be a good way for you to know which particular areas you have down and which ones you need to focus on more.  Also, you should try to take the test with the same conditions and time restraints as the real test.  This will help you get an idea if you have a good pace for the test or if you will have to work quicker or will have more time to focus on the questions.  You can keep going over these until you feel that you know the answers to the questions and the subjects well.


You will find different study guides to help you practice for the exam.  Different books are laid out differently.  They may also have practice tests in them.  Compare the different ones to see which works best for you.

Flash cards

A lot of people have been using flash cards for all of their exams, and this can be a great tool, even for such a test.  You can do different things with the flash cards.  You can have a psychologist on one side and his work or affiliated experiments on the other.  You could have vocabulary words on one side and their definitions on the other.  Quizzing yourself like this can be very useful.

Give yourself enough time

No matter how you study, make sure you give yourself enough time.  Many people find it easiest to study a little bit each night to really absorb it.  Others might do a crash study session.  No matter what, make sure you give yourself enough time for a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast in the morning.  You want to be in your best shape for the test.