How to Study for the Gre

Every year, many graduate school hopefuls take the GRE exam.  How you do will depend on your personal abilities, however you can raise your score with the proper study techniques.  Different people find different study techniques to be useful. The following are some methods you might want to try.

Purchase a book

Many people find a study book such as the Cracking the GRE, 2010 Edition by Princeton Review to be extremely helpful in helping them study for the GRE.  This can give you a good idea of the material you might see on the GRE as well as the layout and style of the test.  A lot of people do not know where to start in studying for this all-important exam, and this can give them a good point of reference.  It can also be useful in showing you what skills you are already competent in and which might benefit from further study.

Take practice exams

A lot of people find that being actively involved in studying is better than just reading a book.  Thus a practice exam in the GRE might be the best way that they can study.  In addition to sharing the areas in which they need further help it can give them an idea on how they will do on timing in the exam and whether they will need to learn to work quicker.  These are available from different sources.

Take a test preparation class

Different companies, such as Kaplan, offer GRE test preparation classes.  These can help teach you the different things you might see on the test and provide hints for mastering them.  These have been shown to help raise scores and although they can cost a lot, they may be worth it if they raise your score and help you get into the graduate school you desire.  Many of these companies also offer private tutoring as well, which you may find to be more useful.

Make sure that the time that you study for the GRE exam is spent productively.  When studying you will want to avoid distractions as much as possible so that you can focus on your studies.  If you keep taking breaks to answer the e-mail, pick up the phone and surf the Internet you might get far less studying in than if you were to focus well.  Figure out the best methods for you to study.  A lot of people find that it is best to take small study sessions over time, while some like to have longer study sessions right before the test.  In general the more you do, the better you will perform on this important test.